Pope Gives Support to Controversial Bishop in Chile, Says Accusations “Calumny”

During his trip to Chile, one of the questions that loomed large was the situation of Bishop Juan Barros, who is accused by victims of sexual abuse of covering up the abuse by a popular preacher years ago. Yet on Thursday, the pope said that he’s yet to see evidence of wrongdoing, and that what’s being said against the bishop is a “calumny.”

Pope Francis Marries Airline Employees on Papal Plane

There’s never a dull moment with the whirlwind that is Pope Francis, who has many times labeled the pope of firsts: Onboard the Airbus 321 going from Santiago to the northern city to Iquique in Chile, he married a couple that asked for his blessing.

Pope Francis’ Homily At Lobito In Iquique, Chile

Let us make the most of the opportunity to learn and make our own the values, the wisdom and the faith that migrants bring with them. Without being closed to those “jars” so full of wisdom and history brought by those who continue to come to these lands. Let us not deprive ourselves of all the good that they have to contribute.

Pope to Youth: Maturity Doesn’t Mean Accepting Injustice, Corruption

For Pope Francis, young people are called to be “protagonists,” to dream big and to channel their faith-induced excitement, knowing that Jesus is their “power source” and without a connection to Jesus, people end up drowning their thoughts and ideas, dreams and faith, “so we get frustrated and annoyed.”

Pope Francis: Speech at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile

The educational community can enjoy an endless number of possibilities and potentialities if it allows itself to be enriched and challenged by all who are part of the educational enterprise. This requires an increased concern for quality and integration. The service that the university offers must always aim for quality and excellence in the service of national coexistence

Pope Francis: Speech to the Youth

Realizing how important young people and their experiences are, this year I wanted to call the Synod, and before it, the meeting of young people, so that you can feel – and really be – protagonists in the heart of the Church.

Prison Reform Could Be Immediate Fruit of Pope Francis’ Chile Trip

When a pope visits a country, it’s often hard to know what immediate impact it has – that is, beyond small miracles. But in the case of Pope Francis’ visit to Chile, the first possible fruit might be something quite different, launching a reform in the country’s female penitentiary system.

Backing Indigenous Peoples, Pope Decries the ‘Deforestation of Hope’

Visiting a region of Chile featuring several of the country’s indigenous peoples, including the Mapuche, whose resentments over the years have sometimes turned violent, Pope Francis on Wednesday urged greater justice as the alternative to the “deforestation of hope.”

Pope Francis: Homily At Maquehue Airport Mass, Chile

I thank God for allowing me to visit this beautiful part of our continent, the Araucanía. It is a land blessed by the Creator with immense and fertile green fields, with forests full of impressive araucarias – the fifth “praise” offered by Gabriela Mistral to this Chilean land

In Chile, Pope Asks Forgiveness

Pope Francis, in his first formal speech in Chile, asked forgiveness from those who were sexually abused by priests.