Study Reveals Fewer Hispanics in U.S. Identifying as Catholic

While a new study found that Catholicism remains the dominant religion among Latinos in the United States, the trends associated with the data show a population distancing itself from the faith and becoming more and more religiously unaffiliated.

Poll: Catholics Don’t Prioritize Sharing Faith With Their Children

Donna Incorvaia grew up in a Catholic home where religion was part of her everyday life. She is now doing her best to pass her faith down to her three sons. But people like Incorvaia are becoming rare if the findings of a Pew Research Center survey are to be believed.

St. Francis College Welcomes the World

Mustafa Mohammadi, a 24-year-old senior majoring in accounting, is part of a growing trend at St. Francis College — students from foreign countries attending the Downtown Brooklyn school.

Pew Research Report Sparked U.S. Bishops to Unveil Revival

The backstory of the National Eucharistic Revival planned by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) includes surprising statistics from a Pew Research Center study revealing beliefs on a subject at the heart of the Church’s mission.

Religion and The Trump-Pence Ticket

President Donald Trump is a Presbyterian. Vice President Mike Pence was raised Catholic. Both men have been outspoken in their pro-life views.