Catholics Lead Way in Vaccination Rate Among Religious Groups

By Tablet Staff

WINDSOR TERRACE — Catholics’ rate of vaccinations against COVID-19 stands at 82%, outpacing vaccinations among other groups, according to a nationwide study conducted by the Pew Research Center.

Yomaria De Santiago, 35, a student at Cal State Dominguez Hills, receives a Pfizer BioNTech COVID-19 vaccination in Carson, Calif., Aug. 26, 2021. (Photo: CNS/ Lucy Nicholson, Reuters)

No religious group ranked higher in vaccine participation among the 10,348 U.S. adults surveyed last month. Protestants overall showed a rate of 66%. The rate for white non-evangelical Protestants was 73%, with the rate of black Protestants at 70% and white evangelical Protestants at 57%.

The Pew Center data also showed that, among Catholics, the rate of use of at least one vaccine was 79% for whites and 86% for Hispanics.

Other religious groups were not tallied in the newly released report, but the researchers said the vaccination rate among those unaffiliated with any religion stood at 75%.