A March and Call For Peace in Nigeria

Brooklyn Priests marched in solidarity with the people of Biafra to say no to injustice, nepotism, terrorism, and ethnic cleansing by the Nigerian Government against the Indigenous people of Biafra.

Nigerian Bishop Outlines Violence Against Christians

Violence in Nigeria, long a staple in the northern part of the country, is increasing in the Christian-majority south, according to Auxiliary Bishop Ernest Obodo of the Diocese of Enugu, which is located in the southeastern region of Nigeria.

Nigeria Diocese Facing Islamic Militia Attacks Says, ‘Enough is Enough!’

An embattled Catholic diocese in southeastern Nigeria facing a mounting wave of violent attacks from Islamic militias has declared “enough is enough,” demanding that “bad” members of the largely Muslim Fulani tribe be “flushed out” of the area and that local self-protection groups be armed to provide their own security.