Author-Vet from Queens Explores Catholic Faith in War Recovery

Author Phil Klay of Queens, an Iraq War veteran, explained that even in a so-called “just war,” the combatants cannot shrug off memories of violence they’ve inflicted. “So,” Klay added, “when you try to confront issues that our existence throws up at us, you have to rely on different tools. And that’s how I came back to religion.”

Youth on a Foreign Mission

From the excitement, glitter, and sophistication of New York City to the slums of Lima, Peru, deep in poverty, dirt, and garbage, Nooshin Nassiri has chosen to live in the latter as a young lay missionary for abandoned children at the Community Cenacolo’s Villa El Salvador Mission House called Help and Hope. 

Catholic Missionaries Hit the Streets in Brooklyn to Evangelize

Missionaries from the Institute of the Incarnate Word have been pounding the pavement this September to invite Brooklynites around St. Teresa of Avila, Crown Heights, and Co-Cathedral of St. Joseph’s, Prospect Heights, to church.