Explosion in Beirut Adds Suffering to Lebanon’s Dire Situation

Hospitals in the Lebanese capital are overwhelmed with those suffering injuries from a massive explosion in Beirut’s port, causing widespread damage the city and rocking the tiny Mediterranean nation already devastated by the coronavirus and its worst financial crisis since the 1975-1990 civil war.

Syriac Bishops Feel Threatened in Middle East

Syriac Catholic bishops meeting in Lebanon for their annual synod lamented the suffering of the Syriac church and other sister churches and the “grave threat” to the future of their presence in the Middle East.

New Yorkers Venerate Lebanese Saint’s Relics

The relics of St. Sharbel were venerated at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Lebanon in Brooklyn Heights, April 9-10. The relics are traveling the U.S. to mark the 50th anniversary of the Lebanese monk’s beatification.

Maronites Have Their Own Set of Holy Doors

While the Diocese of Brooklyn and Queens was granted six Holy Doors in this Jubilee Year of Mercy, there actually exists a seventh set of Holy Doors within the diocese at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Lebanon in Brooklyn Heights.

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Pulling Heartstrings: Hand Puppets Bring Healing

By Barb Fraze BEIRUT (CNS) – Syrian children who have seen their houses bombed and family members killed are using string, glue, socks, beads and other odds and ends to help put their lives back together. Counselors, teachers and volunteers are being trained to help the children process their trauma through the use of puppets. […]

Lebanese Bishops React to Islamist Militants’ Incursion

Lebanon’s Maronite Catholic bishops underscored their “full confidence” in the country’s military and security forces as the Lebanese army battled Islamist militants’ incursion into Lebanon near the border with Syria.