Jornadas Remember Msgr. Perfecto During Caminata

Regardless of the weather on Holy Saturday, whether the clouds pour rain or the skies remain clear, one can expect hundreds of members of the Movimiento de Jornadas de Vida Cristiana (Jornadas) to make their evangelizing presence known throughout the streets of Brooklyn or Queens during their annual Way of the Cross or Caminata.

For Decades, Jornadistas Evangelize at Caminata

On a solemn and early Holy Saturday along the empty streets of Williamsburg, emerged hundreds of Latino youth and young adults outside Transfiguration parish. They were assembling into the line of march on Marcy Ave. to display their faith in full force at the Caminata 2018.

Let Them Speak: How the Jornadista Pilgrimage Changed My Heart,Mind

When you hear pilgrimage what is the first thing you think of? Maybe you picture pilgrims from Thanksgiving who sailed on a boat to eat turkey. Maybe you picture just some kind of walk in a foreign country. Or you’re like me who had no idea what a pilgrimage was and didn’t know what to even expect.

Jornada Sows Seeds of Faith in Latino Youth

LAST YEAR, I saw nearly 500 young people gather on a Saturday morning, carrying signs about the mercy of God. They were getting ready for their annual procession around New York. But in this procession, prayer was intertwined with joyous dancing and upbeat singing about how God’s love and mercy are for all.

Caminata Brings Mercy To the Streets of Jamaica

Nearly 500 members of the Jornada Movement came together as one to share the mercy of God during their annual Caminata on March 26. The young people spent hours on the morning of Holy Saturday walking, praying the rosary and bearing witness to their faith in the streets of Queens.

Our Youth Honor Holy Week

Youth from through out the diocese celebrate this holiest of times in unique ways.