Charismatic Lenten Prayer

On Saturday, March 18, the English Charismatic Prayer Group at Holy Cross Church, Flatbush, will host a Day of Prayer, 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. in St. Mary’s Hall.

For Haitians, New Year’s Day Celebrates Their Independence

Haitians celebrate New Year’s Day as Independence Day, marking their country’s freedom from French colonial rule. Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio celebrated this year’s Mass to mark the occasion at Holy Cross Church, Flatbush.

Obituary: Antoinette Malagreca

Antoinette Malagreca, the mother of Msgr. Joseph Malagreca, pastor of Holy Cross parish, Flatbush, died Nov. 30.

Being Close to Pope Is An Amazing Experience

When Pope Francis made his way to the Campus Misericordiae (Field of Mercy) vigil site at Brzegi, Poland, he was a welcome sight. To and from the field, the World Youth Day pilgrims had walked around 11 miles.