Filipino Expert Urges American Catholics to Rethink Rhetoric on Vaccines

As American Catholics continue to wrangle over the morality of COVID-19 vaccines using stem cell lines remotely derived from aborted fetuses, one Filipino Dominican priest, who’s both a moral theologian and an MIT-trained molecular biologist, is pleading with them to consider the potentially dangerous global consequences of their rhetoric.

Nine Days Before Christmas, Filipinos Continue Tradition While Respecting COVID Safety Restrictions

Various ministries across the Diocese of Brooklyn adapted to new norms amidst coronavirus safety protocols, including limiting church capacity, wearing masks, and socially distanced seated in the pews. For Filipinos celebrating “Simbang Gabi,” or “Mass at Night” at the Queens Village church, the adjustment meant a scaled-down version of its traditional celebration.

Dedication Mass Shows St. Michael’s Diversity

At the dedication Mass, readings were done in Tagalog, Spanish, English and Mandarin. The church has parishioners from almost 50 countries, according to pastor Father John Vesey, and has seven Masses every Sunday. Some services were cancelled on  Sept. 22 to encourage parishioners to attend the dedication Mass.