Influencers in Christ: Catholic Content Creators Use Social Media to Educate and Evangelize

Matthew Chicoine joined Instagram eight years ago in response to a tragedy. The death of an unborn child, compounded with the demands of his job as a Catholic school teacher, compelled him to turn to writing on his website ( and Instagram (@thesimplecatholic) to “grapple with the stress and grief” of that year.

The Tablet’s Mass for Catholic Journalism Points to Faith Focused Media

To celebrate the impact of Catholic journalism, The Tablet sponsored a special Mass for journalists on Saturday, Sept. 23. The Mass was celebrated at the Co-Cathedral of St. Joseph in Prospect Heights by Bishop Robert Brennan, and Bishop Emeritus Nicholas DiMarzio, Msgr. Sean Ogle, and Father Christopher Heanue concelebrated.

Local Priests on Why It’s Good to Go to Confession

There are many Catholics who, if they’re being honest, would admit that they rarely, if ever, go to confession. And the reason wouldn’t be because they feared the priest might divulge the sins they confessed to someone else.