Ex-Cardinal McCarrick Charged With Sexual Assault in Wisconsin

While the verdict of assault and battery charges against ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick remains in limbo in a Massachusetts court, another criminal charge of sexual assault has been levied against the disgraced cleric, this time in Wisconsin. 

Prosecution of Ex-Cardinal McCarrick Takes Next Step in Massachusetts

A Dec. 21 motion for transcript, audio, and video recordings of depositions related to the criminal charges against ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick was an important step for the prosecution, according to one of his alleged victims present in the courtroom.

Analysis: Reality of the Abuse Scandals Now Seems a Tale of Two Cardinals

Over the last three years, sexual abuse charges against two high-profile and massively influential cardinals have rocked the Catholic Church, and now, seemingly, both stories have reached their conclusions. Cardinal George Pell is a free man, while Theodore McCarrick is laicized and exposed as a cunning manipulator able to hoodwink three papacies until his string finally ran out.