School Choice Gaining Momentum Nationwide but Not in New York

School choice measures, long-supported by Catholic education leaders, are gaining quick momentum at the start of the new year, with governors in Iowa and Utah signing universal school choice bills into law in late January and legislatures in other states considering similar actions.

More States Are Telling Parents: You Have A Real Choice in Schools

Playing on the moniker “the great resignation” that’s described a dwindling workforce in certain industries, Jim Rigg has dubbed the past two years “the great registration” for Catholic schools, and expanding school choice programs are a big reason why. 

Catholic Schools See Enrollment Rise Closer to Pre-COVID Levels

The Diocese of Brooklyn saw an enrollment increase this year thanks to “the hard work, dedication and caring of the teachers, principals, parish pastors, and leaders,” said Ted Havelka, the diocesan director of enrollment management and financial assistance.