Young People Garden and Farm for a Better Future

A staggered group of seven ecology interns and Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF) volunteers lived on the 212-acre Brentwood property between the end of May and the beginning of August — pursuing their passions and making the Earth a greener place, one row of plants at a time.

‘Eco-Nun’ Helps Brooklynites to Go Green

According to Sure We Can, since the Bottle Bill was implemented, container litter has reduced about 75 percent per year. About a third of its collections are water bottles.

Adviser to Pope: We Can’t Ignore Climate Control

People of developed nations share responsibility with the rest of the world to protect the earth from environmental destruction and assist poor communities in escaping poverty, a cardinal who is a chief adviser to the pope said.

Ecology’s Connectivity

Dear Editor: My deepest thanks to Bishop DiMarzio for his “Put Out into the Deep” column on Pope Francis’s encyclical, “Laudato Si’, On Care For Our Common Home” (July 22). I was especially moved by the Bishop’s memories of how his own grandfather “Francesco” embodied one of the points Pope “Francesco” stresses in his encyclical, never wasting what God has given us, never colluding in today’s “throwaway” culture.

USCCB Chairman Welcomes Final Clean Power Plan Rules

The chairman of the U.S. bishops’ Committee on Domestic Justice and Human Development, welcomed the White House’s Clean Power Plan that establishes federal limits on carbon emissions from coal-fired power plans.