Catholics With Disabilities Share Their Vision of a Synodal Church

Catholics with disabilities can be and want to be active members of the church and missionary disciples, but that will require fighting discrimination, exclusion and paternalism, participants told an online listening session for the Synod of Bishops.

Pre-Natal Screening Can Lead to ‘Moral Ugliness’ of Aborting Disabled, Theologian Says

Brian Brock is Professor of Moral and Practical Theology at the University of Aberdeen. He is also a husband and father of three children, including Adam, who is 16, who has Down Syndrome and autism. He has written a wide range of scholarly essays on themes related to disability and is a Managing Editor of the “Journal of Religion and Disability.”

Vatican Says Don’t Deny Disabled People the Sacraments

In a set of updated guidelines for catechesis released June 25, the Vatican weighed in on what has long been a debate among theologians, insisting that the Church’s sacraments are a gift, and as such, they cannot be denied to disabled people.

In New Program, Horses Help Adults With Disabilities

Educator and riding instructor Curt Stacy, wearing a silver and gold crucifix around his neck and a smile on his face, stands in the middle of a dusty horse ring and calls out instructions to two riders, affirming the young men as they carefully follow his directions.