Cuba’s First Christmas Without Fidel

I arrived in Cuba Dec. 18, two years and a day after the U.S. and Cuba reestablished diplomatic relations and less than a month after Fidel Castro’s death.

Pilgrimage to Cuba

Cuba has been in the news during the past several years, as relations with the United States have opened up more opportunities for travel there.

Church Reactions to Castro’s Death

In a brief, two-paragraph telegram in Spanish, Pope Francis extended his condolences to Cuban President Raul Castro on the “sad news” of “the death of your dear brother.”

Brooklyn’s Cuban-born Bishop Reacts to the Death of Castro

Cuban-born Brooklyn Auxiliary Bishop Octavio Cisneros said that the death of Fidel Castro “is not a time for vengeance, not a time for anger. But it is a time to see how we can shed some light on building up a country that has been destroyed by the ideology brought upon the island by these two men – the Castro brothers.”

A Reflection on the Passing of The Former Cuban President

By Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio In June of 1987, as a representative of the Bishops’ Conference of the United States in my role as executive director of their migration and refugee services, I met alone and personally with Fidel Castro for two-late night sessions beginning at midnight in which I advocated for the release of the […]

New Archbishop for Havana

Pope Francis named Archbishop Juan Garcia Rodriguez, who has worked quietly to help rebuild the Cuban church, physically and spiritually, to be the new archbishop of Havana.

Thoughtful Piece About Cuba

Dear Editor: When I saw the headline “Obama’s Cuban Gamble” (April 2), I thought “Oh, no, this is going to be a slam.” Instead the column by Jorge I. Dominguez-Lopez was the most graceful, thoughtful and hopeful meditation on the United States’ opening to the Cuban people that I could ever imagine. Kudos to the […]