In the 2020 Presidential Election, Immigration Is About Two Americas

The way two panelists at a key immigration conference see it, the issue Donald Trump ran on in his successful 2016 campaign emerges in this year’s presidential contest much the same way it did before: as a battle between a group seeking to stop demographic changes and one embracing them.

We Cannot Live Without the Eucharist

Let’s face it — everyone’s lives have changed since the start of the worldwide spread of the Coronavirus. Education, health-care, entertainment, and family life all have been affected, and not in ways that are positive, by and large. This is also true for the common worship of the Lord.

Father Gioacchino Basile Is Finally Going Home

The body of the late-pastor of St. Gabriel’s Church in East Elmhurst, Father Gioacchino Basile, one of the diocesan priests who died April 4 due to complications associated with COVID-19, will make its way home to Calabria, a region in southern Italy. On Sept. 8, parishioners gathered outside of Sacred Hearts & St. Stephen, Carroll Gardens, to bid their final farewell to their beloved pastor and friend. 

Harris Seen as Progressive Partisan Who Can Pivot

Kamala Harris’s campaign positions on immigration reform, aid to refugees, and poverty, align with the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. But some Catholics won’t approve of her stance on abortion. Some advocates of religious freedom claim Harris has been openly hostile to their beliefs.

Only in Print: The Ghost of Pandemics Past: Living Art and How it Was Influenced

Artists have always depicted real-life moments, illustrated interpretations, and expressed emotions through their mediums, allowing viewers to observe and ponder the subject matter before them. Brother Geoffrey Clement, an expert in medieval history, emphasized every piece of art is a reflection not only of the artists, but of the culture, mentality, and time in which they were produced.

Pastor Says ‘Every Penny’ of Loan Used to Save Jobs, Cover Maintenance

Across the country, Catholic dioceses, parishes and other church-run entities say the federal emergency “bridge loans” they applied for and received have helped keep much-needed ministries functioning during this coronavirus pandemic and the economic downturn that has resulted.