No Easy Rx For Medical Staff Burnout, Experts Say

Dr. Greg Burke, an internist who is co-director of ethics for the Catholic Medical Association, said stress has been a topic of conversation in the medical profession for years, but that the COVID-19 pandemic pushed it into overdrive.

Catholic University Grad Brings Passion, Focus to BMX Olympic Event

When the interview with Olympic cyclist Felicia Stancil began, the 26-year-old Indianapolis resident said it would be great if one particular story could be shared with people. It’s a story about her and her father, Jamie, a former professional BMX racer who introduced her to the sport.

COVID Made Bad Situation For Immigrants Worse, Catholic Survey Finds

One of the main findings of the survey was that the demand for Catholic institution’s services from the immigrant community throughout the COVID-19 pandemic significantly increased. And those Catholic institutions responded with a number of new services, the survey found. These included: financial assistance, COVID-19 testing, education, contact tracing, and quarantine services, mental health services, grief support and assistance with funeral expenses, and delivery of food and sanitation supplies for infected and other homebound persons.

Olympic Athletes Barred From Tokyo Churches Due to COVID

As Tokyo readies to welcome thousands of the world’s top athletes later this month for the Olympics, the local archbishop has announced that “regrettably” no Catholic parish will be able to welcome them due to the spread of COVID-19, as the Japanese city is once again in a state of emergency.

Priest Says Detained Migrant Children ‘Hungry’ For Faith

For the first time since the start of the pandemic, Father Franciscus Asisi Eka Yuantoro was welcomed earlier this month into a government facility for unaccompanied minors in Donna, Texas, to celebrate Mass, which he called a “blessing.”