Researchers Estimate 5.2 Million Children Orphaned During Pandemic

An estimated 5.2 million children in 21 countries, including the United States, lost at least one parent, a custodial grandparent or a primary caregiver to COVID-19 during the first 20 months of the pandemic, social researchers and child well-being advocates said in a new study.

Frustration Mounts with Shortage of Effective COVID-19 Treatments

Medical science so far has produced three monoclonal antibodies treatments for COVID-19, but only one is effective against Omicron variant. Consequently, the medicine is in short supply worldwide, which is adding frustration to already-overwhelmed doctors.

Local Faith-Based Food Banks Fret Supply Shortages As Demand Grows

Pandemic-induced supply chain disruptions have caused unwelcome food-price hikes and shortages on the eve of the 2021 Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday seasons. Still, local food ministries like St. John’s Bread & Life are determined to meet the needs of people struggling to feed their families.

Adams Cool, Sliwa Feisty in Televised Debate

Eric Adams and Curtis Sliwa, New York City’s top-ticket candidates for mayor, took the debate stage Oct. 20, to explain their platforms on gun violence, economic recovery, and vaccine mandates for schools and public workers. They also blasting each other’s character.