Faith & Identity: The History Behind Coptic Cross Tattoos

In Egypt, it’s very common to find cross tattoos on the wrists of Coptic Christians, who are 12% to 15% of Egypt’s population. Such a tattoo symbolizes a long history of bloody persecution and is a statement of resistance and a testimony to strong faith. 

Coptics Celebrate the Memory Of Holy Family’s Flight to Egypt

Last week, Coptic Christians in Egypt celebrated the memory of the Holy Family’s Flight into Egypt, when Mary, Child Jesus, and Joseph fled to Egypt to take refuge from the persecution of King Herod, during which they visited more than two dozen places, from Arish through the Delta and Cairo, to Assiut in Upper Egypt.

Advocacy Group Contradicts Egypt’s Rhetoric on Copts

Last January, the Egyptian embassy in Washington D.C. published a document titled “Strengthening National Unity: Religious Freedom and Diversity in Egypt” that claimed great progress in the treatment of Egypt’s Coptic Christians. 

Egypt Cracks Down On Blasphemy Laws

In 2016, an Egyptian court sentenced four Coptic Christian teenagers to five years in prison after they appeared in a 32-second video mocking ISIS, which authorities said was an insult to Islam.