Confession Helps Readjust Our Focus

by Maureen Pratt, “CONFESSION IS GOOD for the soul,” they say. I agree. I also find that it helps us to live well no matter what our station or situation in life, especially if we make it a time to move fully out of our own comfort zones.

Opportunities for Daily Confession Bring People Back to the Sacrament

When Father Benjamin Kosnac decided to start offering confessions 30 minutes before every Mass, he wasn’t sure anyone would come. But try walking into the chapel at SS. Cyril & Methodius Church in Sterling Heights. Mich., on any given weekend now, and you won’t find a seat that isn’t taken.

Pope Urges Courage to Confess One’s Sins

Exercise a little courage and go to confession, turn away from selfishness and sin and back to God during the Year of Mercy, Pope Francis urged people at a Lenten penance service.

Pope Tells Confessors Not to Be Invasive or Inappropriate

On the eve of sending off “missionaries of mercy” to all corners of the globe, Pope Francis told his specially appointed men that the reassuring strength of God’s love – not the “bludgeon of judgment” – will bring the “lost sheep” back to the fold.

Pope Explains He Also Needs to Go to Confession

A pope needs friends, needs mercy and needs to reach out to all people, Pope Francis said in two radio interviews. He told Portugal’s Catholic Radio that he goes to confession “every 15 days, 20 days.”

Sacrament of Mercy

We’re still waiting on the concrete plans for the Holy Year of Mercy, which will be a Jubilee Year, announced by Pope Francis. We know that a papal bull will be proclaimed by the pope on Divine Mercy Sunday, April 12, and that the year will officially begin with the opening of the Holy Door […]

Pope Announces Holy Year of Mercy

The biblical theme of the year, he said, will be “Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful,” an admonition that applies “especially to confessors,” the pope said with a smile.

Pope Francis offers confession tips

Pope Offers Tips for Going to Confession

After a brief explanation of why people should go to confession – “because we are all sinners” – the pope listed 30 key questions to reflect on as part of making an examination of conscience and being able to “confess well.”