Bay Ridge Church Sees ‘A Lot’ of Confessions

Our Lady of Angels Church in Bay Ridge, offers Catholics the chance to take part in Confession in the church’s parking lot as a way of bringing the Sacrament closer to the, during the pandemic.

Priest Begins Offering Drive-Through Confessions in Church Parking Lot

When public Masses in the Archdiocese of Washington were suspended in efforts to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, Father Scott Holmer, pastor at St. Edward the Confessor Parish in Bowie, Maryland, got creative about bringing the sacraments to his local community.

Wisconsin Catholic Conference Decries Two New ‘Clergy’ Bills

The lobbying group that represents the Catholic Church in Wisconsin is speaking out against two bills in the state, including one that would force clergy members to violate the seal of confession and one that would lift the statute of limitations on reporting alleged abuse by clergy.

Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio - Put Out Into the Deep

Springtime of the Soul

My dear brothers and sisters in the Lord, As we have begun the season of Lent several weeks ago, I cannot help but comment on what Lent can mean for us. The word Lent comes from an old English word that means spring; therefore, it is not unreasonable to describe Lent as the springtime of the soul.

Artistic Masterpiece Issues A Call to Forgiveness

There’s a full court press on to urge Catholics to make use of the confessional on Reconciliation Monday, April 10. It’s a tri-diocesan effort with the Archdiocese of New York joining with the Dioceses of Brooklyn and Rockville Centre in a massive public relations campaign.

Confession Available

Pope Francis held his yearly penitential service at St. Peter’s Basilica on March 17. In it, he urged confessors to go to the peripheries of evil and sin, despite it being, at times, “ugly;” nonetheless, the priest is called to go “and his work represents an authentic pastoral priority.”

Ready, Set, Sprint!

With new ashes upon our heads and a mandate to “return to God with all our hearts,” we come to this Lent 2017. We pray God walks ahead and alongside us as we begin this journey of repentance and mercy.