FBI Targeting Catholics Similar to NY’s Post-9/11 Surveillance of Muslims

While it remains unclear if, or how much, the FBI followed through on an internal proposal to investigate traditionalist Catholics’ association with extremists, the proposal itself somewhat mirrors tactics the New York Police Department used to investigate Muslim communities after 9/11. 

Vatican Calls Catholics, Hindus to Work Together to Counter Tensions

At a time when tensions are growing, fueled by “blatant misuse of social media” and by political manipulation, Catholics and Hindus are called to teach personal responsibility for civilized behavior and to promote “respect, love and trust” among people, a Vatican office said.

Dedication Mass Shows St. Michael’s Diversity

At the dedication Mass, readings were done in Tagalog, Spanish, English and Mandarin. The church has parishioners from almost 50 countries, according to pastor Father John Vesey, and has seven Masses every Sunday. Some services were cancelled on  Sept. 22 to encourage parishioners to attend the dedication Mass.