Manhattan #MediaNuns Stay Afloat, Keep Faith Alive

Even during a global pandemic, the Daughters of St. Paul continue to spread God’s word through a newly launched podcast series and brick-and-mortar operations. Here in New York City, one can find a group of nuns prepping for the Advent and Christmas seasons in the Pauline Books and Media storefront.

A Jewish Woman’s Journey Toward the Catholic Faith Amid Livestreamed Mass

For many Catholics, making the transition from in-person to livestreamed Mass during the pandemic has been a sobering experience. It has meant not being able to receive the Eucharist and participate in Mass with the rest of the faithful. That’s not Debbie Starkman-Zdyrko’s experience. She feels closer to her community and the Catholic faith now than she did before quarantine began. 

Catholic, Jewish Leaders Mark 55th Anniversary of ‘Nostra Aetate’

The formal structures that sponsor Catholic-Jewish dialogue are important, but their decades of success have relied on strong personal friendships and mutual respect, both of which must continue to spread among all Catholics and Jews, officials involved in the dialogue said.

Want to Get Closer to God? Take a Hike

Sometimes, carrying a lot of weight on your shoulders and feeling small can be a really big thing. Anyone who hikes, camps, or backpacks knows that feeling.

Remembering a Martyr: Father Edwin Coyle

On August 11, 1921, Father James Edwin Coyle was shot three times by Ku Klux Klan member Edwin Stephenson while sitting on the porch in front of his rectory at St. Paul’s Catholic Church in Birmingham, Alabama.

St. Petersburg Diocese Urges Catholics to ‘Take the Pledge’ in Videos

It was an elongated production schedule that would have rivaled any James Cameron epic, but the Diocese of St. Petersburg, Florida, has finally issued a pair of “Civilize It” videos with more than 30 Catholics in the diocese taking part in the civility pledge to have an open mind, open ears and a civil tongue this election season.