Faith Should Be a Shield, Not a Sword

Dear Editor: Any intellectually rigorous treatment of Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s doctrine of “cheap grace” (“Cheap Grace,” editorial, Nov. 9) should extend it to include lay people who self-identify as Christians.

Experts Say Pope’s Metaphor of a ‘Field Hospital’ has Special Punch for Africa

According to a range of scholars at a Pan-African Congress on Theology, Pastoral Life, and Society, the pope’s metaphor for the Church as a “field hospital” provides particular resonance for the African continent – and, they say, must guide pastoral practice in the realms of education, liturgy, and the laity.

On Day of the Disabled, Pope Calls for ‘Full Integration’ in Society

They’re often the first people he greets when holding an audience, so it came as no surprise Dec. 3 when Pope Francis released a message for the World Day of Persons with Disabilities, calling for them to be fully integrated in society, not only through legislation but a much-needed change in mentality.