Pandemic is Prime Time for Conversion, Pope Says

The COVID-19 quarantines, lockdowns and stay-at-home orders are the perfect opportunity for conversion: for individuals, for the church and for governments, Pope Francis said in an interview.

Driven By Pandemic, U.S. Church Hits the Online Superhighway

When Pope Francis told the Vatican’s communications department in 2017 the digital world should be a primary vehicle for spreading the gospel, he certainly couldn’t have predicted a global pandemic that would leave the online realm as one of the only means for doing so.

Priests in Ireland Under Pressure to Celebrate Funeral Masses During the Pandemic

Despite regulations established by civil and ecclesiastical authorities to curb the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, many priests in remote areas of Ireland are feeling pressure to celebrate funeral Masses. In rural parishes, funerals are “big occasions for the community,” according to Father Brendan Hoban, co-founder of the Irish Association of Catholic Priests.

Faith Against Fear: Priest Offers Advice

At a time when our lives are looking more and more like a Google calendar packed with live streamed Masses, online classes and work from home, stresses — and separation anxiety — are at an all-time high.

Pope Calls for Universal Prayer as Virus Death Toll Skyrockets

Following a particularly deadly week for Italians inflicted with the COVID-19 coronavirus, Pope Francis Sunday urged Christians everywhere from different confessions to unite in shared moments of prayer, including several he will be leading at the Vatican.

As Coronavirus Spreads, So Does Pope’s ‘Virtual Parish’

As many of the restrictions imposed early on by Italy to fight the COVID-19 coronavirus begin to be adopted elsewhere, the number of Catholics unable to get to Mass, or at least strongly discouraged from leaving the house to do so, is growing.

As the Church Becomes More Diverse, Catholic Vote Becomes Harder to Define

In the last presidential election, some political pundits referred to the “Catholic vote,” one that predicted Donald Trump’s rise to the presidency, and one that aligned in 2016 with the voting constituency that landed him the White House: overwhelmingly white and politically conservative voters.  

Only in Print: Old Tradition of Religious Jewelry Back in Vogue

Victoria Edwards, a parishioner of Sacred Heart of Jesus Church in Glendale, received her first piece of Catholic jewelry — a gold chain with an angel hanging from it — before she was even born. The necklace, a gift from her grandmother in 1995, is an artistic expression of faith.