Puerto Rico Devastated After Hurricane Fiona Hits

Watching the news and looking outside while sheltering at his parents’ home in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, Father Enrique Camacho can’t fathom how almost five years to the day of Hurricane Maria the island is once again devastated, this time courtesy of Hurricane Fiona.

Kentucky Churches, Communities Work Together to Meet Flood Victims’ Needs

The rains began late July 27 and went into the next day, causing massive flooding that destroyed hundreds of homes and wiped out entire communities, according to news reports. Search and rescue teams, with the help of the National Guard, began searching for missing people July 29. As of Aug. 1, 660 air rescues and hundreds of boat rescues had been conducted.

Food Pantries Can Help During Soaring Inflation

As the federal government continues to report record inflation rates, The Tablet wants to offer a service to our readers who are having difficulty in finding affordable meals.

Catholic Charities a Steady Presence in Aftermath of Uvalde School Shooting

Two weeks ago, the Sacred Heart Catholic Church Sunday school classrooms were filled with catechists and students. Today, the classrooms are an outpost for Catholic Charities of San Antonio (CCSA), as the organization works alongside local clergy to do “whatever it takes” for those affected by the Robb Elementary School shooting.

Catholic Charities Is Doing the Gospel’s Work

Our love for each other therefore is not only when it is convenient. There are times when we have to go that extra mile to meet people where they are because they could not get there on their own.

Catholic Charities In Washington on Brink of Becoming Overwhelmed

Catholic Charities DC is trying to give a “welcoming, Christ-like response” to migrants arriving in the nation’s capital on buses from Texas, but the head of the organization says there are concerns about a lack of leadership and assistance from the government, and what will happen if the buses arrive through the summer.