Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio

Catholic Schools Remain Strong

My dear brothers and sisters in the Lord,

Recently in an address at the Vatican to students and teachers, our Holy Father, Pope Francis, shared that “schools are a precious means for making a contribution to the progress of the Church and of society as a whole.”

Reason for Our Schools

Christ is the reason for our schools. The ultimate lesson that we want our students to know comes from Jesus.

Should CCHD Be Used for Schools?

It’s commencement season, and tens of thousands of students are graduating from inner-city Catholic elementary schools. As decades of empirical research have shown, these kids have a better chance of successfully completing high school and college.

Catholic Schools Have a Nurturing Effect

by Justin Brannan When you’re a kid and life is about breaking the rules and questioning the answers, it’s not easy to appreciate being raised a Catholic. For me, it wasn’t until I grew up that the merits became apparent. And when it did hit me, it hit me like a ton of bricks. For […]

Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio

We Believe in Catholic Schools

My dear brothers and sisters in the Lord, As we begin to celebrate Catholic Schools Week on Jan. 26, I wish to share with you the theme for Catholic Schools Week that the National Catholic Education Association (NCEA) has selected, not only for this year but for the next two-to-three years: “Catholic Schools: Communities of […]

Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio

Governing Our New Academies

My dear brothers and sisters in the Lord, As I reflect upon the New Evangelization, I also contemplate the various roles and ministries embraced within it. Catholic schools and academies certainly remain a vital component. One may recall the words of Blessed John Paul II: “Catholic schools are at once places of evangelization, of complete […]

Academy Board Work Demands Commitment

by Mary Kay Rail-Kahaly Converting a parish-based elementary school into a Catholic academy is a challenging and rewarding ministry. After Mass in January, 2012, I was approached by Father Jim Cunningham, pastor of Holy Name parish in Park Slope, and was asked to “help with a special project.” A subsequent invitation to dinner at the […]

Photo © Rick Buttacavoli

Bay Ridge Academies Unite in Prayer

St. Patrick’s Church in Bay Ridge hosted a Rosary Rally Oct. 7, bringing together students from St. Patrick Catholic Academy, St. Anselm Catholic Academy and Holy Angels Catholic Academy in a reflection on the Luminous Mysteries. The Rosary was led by Msgr. Joseph Nagle, pastor of St. Patrick’s; St. Patrick Principal Andrea D’Emic; St. Anselm […]