Body of Priest Who Ministered to Yellow Fever Victims Exhumed in Tennessee

At 10:50 on the morning of July 27, Father J. David Carter’s voice rang out at Mount Olivet Cemetery in Chattanooga: “We are about to lift the coffin from the grave.” And with that, the sainthood cause of Father Patrick Ryan, who has the title “Servant of God,” took a crucial step, as the exhumation of his remains for reentombment at the Basilica of Sts. Peter and Paul could proceed.

Msgr. Quinn: A Saint For Our Times

Msgr. Quinn was a prime example of seeing the goodness in everyone. As a priest, he witnessed many local parishes not ministering to black Catholics, which caused him to have an examination of conscience. This examination of conscience led him to minister to the black Catholic community, ultimately establishing two churches that still stand today.

Msgr. Quinn, a Candidate For Sainthood, Is Honored

Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio is scheduled to meet with Pope Francis in mid-November, and at that time, the bishop will present the diocesan investigation into Msgr. Quinn’s cause to the Congregation for the Cause of Saints at the Vatican. Next, the congregation will open its own investigation to consider Msgr. Quinn for the title of venerable, the second of four steps on the road to sainthood.

A Catholic Convert Canonized

Since the Oratory of St. Philip Neri was established in Brooklyn, its members have been praying for the canonization of one of the most famous affiliates of this religious community, the English Cardinal John Henry Newman. And their prayers have finally been answered.