For One Family, Teaching in the Diocese Has Been a Legacy

Paul Morisi’s family tree has a number of branches connected to the Diocese of Brooklyn. When Morisi, the principal of Bay Ridge Catholic Academy, stands in front of a classroom full of students, he is carrying on a family legacy that dates back more than 50 years. His family gene pool is filled with Catholic educators.

Bay Ridge Kids to Get Early Glimpse of College

It’s never too early for students to start thinking about college — even children in kindergarten. That’s the thinking behind a unique new partnership between Bay Ridge Catholic Academy and St. Francis College.

‘Check’ it Out: Contest Ends With Big Smiles And Big Money

The Tablet subscriptions sold during the month-long campaign resulted in more than $30,000 going back into students’ and schools’ pockets. Those checks are finally in the process of being signed, sealed, and delivered to participating students across the Diocese of Brooklyn. 

Bay Ridge Schools Plan for Combined Academy

School officials project that Bay Ridge Catholic Academy will open with 400 students, which would make it one of the biggest elementary schools in the diocese.