U.S., Japanese Bishops Launch Push for Abolition of Nuclear Weapons

On the 78th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Nagasaki, Japan, on Aug. 9, a cohort of Japanese and U.S. Catholic bishops announced a new initiative to promote the realization of a world without nuclear weapons, focusing on past acts, the present reality, and building a culture of peace.

In Fairbanks, Being Bishop Means Duffel Bags, Snowmobiles, and Sleeping on Floors

When The Tablet asked Bishop Chad Zielinski some months ago what it takes to lead the Diocese of Fairbanks, Alaska, he explained that it takes a missionary zeal to embrace a different culture, along with the stamina to travel 65% of the time, live out of duffel bags, sleep on church floors, and travel between villages via snowmobiles, boats, and four-wheelers.

Washington State House Passes Bill Requiring Clergy to Violate the Seal of Confession

After the Washington state House of Representatives failed to pass an amendment to a bill that would require clergy to violate the seal of confession, Bishop Thomas Daly of Spokane reminded legislators that throughout history “all” such attempts by “kings, queens, dictators, potentates, and legislators” have failed, and that even if it passed, clergy wouldn’t capitulate.