New York State Lawmakers Warn Of A Cuomo Comeback

Some New York State lawmakers are unsure if Andrew Cuomo can be impeached after resigning from office. Others, like Assemblyman Ron Kim of Queens, believes Cuomo can and should be impeached to prevent him from making a political comeback.

Catholic Schools, Students Lose Again

Last week’s decision by the New York State Legislature not to include the proposed Education Tax Credit in the state budget was a blow to Catholic schools in New York. It’s likely that more schools will have to close. It’s definite that fewer students will be offered scholarship money.

Push Is On for Education Tax Credits

Push Is On for Education Tax Credits

Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan, Msgr. Kieran E. Harrington and several New York bishops and representatives from the states’ dioceses met with Governor Andrew Cuomo on June 1 to encourage them to pass a bill that would be key for the future of Catholic schools and other religious and independent schools in the state.

Help Save Our Schools

My dear brothers and sisters in the Lord, The Education Tax Credit bill is an idea whose time has come. For years, I have been a supporter along with Timothy Cardinal Dolan and the rest of the diocesan bishops across New York. The bill also counts as supporters Governor Andrew Cuomo and a majority of legislators in the State Senate and State Assembly.