Alabama Lawmakers Pass Bills to Protect IVF Workers From Charges

Less than two weeks after Alabama’s Supreme Court ruled that frozen embryos are people and that individuals could be held liable for destroying them, the state’s lawmakers passed legislation protecting in vitro fertilization providers and patients from criminal or civil liability if embryos are damaged or destroyed.

Fourteen States, Others Back N.Y. Pro-Life Sidewalk Minister’s Court Case

A group of 14 states, legal experts, sidewalk pro-life counselors, and pregnancy centers are urging the Supreme Court to take up the case of Debra Vitagliano, a Catholic challenging a law in Westchester County, New York, that prohibits her sidewalk ministry outside abortion clinics.

Transgender Interventions Pose Serious Medical Consequences for Minors, Says Surgeon

A former U.S. Navy surgeon with experience in reconstructive surgeries for combat-wounded troops, Deacon Patrick Lappert of the Diocese of Birmingham, Alabama, recently shared with OSV News his insights on transgender interventions for children. Deacon Lappert, who speaks nationally on this topic, warns that gender reassignment poses grave risks to both body and soul.