Local Catholic Leaders Advocate Church’s Role in Post-Election Healing

Two weeks after Election Day, President Donald Trump had not eased up on challenging the voting results. Reconciliation of the citizenry seemed elusive. But leaders of the Catholic clergy in Brooklyn and across the nation reminded the Church of its unique role in helping the nation heal.

Politics and Religion: Catholic Conservatives Win Seats in South Brooklyn

Election Day 2020 proved to be a great day for Republicans in South Brooklyn, the only Conservative bastion within the borough. It was a complete reversal of what happened in 2018 when a coalition of Democratic candidates swept through the area and took over the Senate and Congressional seats both held by Republicans at the time.

Memphis Rep. John DeBerry Says He Was Ousted by Democratic Party for Pro-Life Views

John DeBerry is running for re-election for his seat in the Tennessee House of Representatives, but not as a Democrat, which has been his party since the 1960s. Instead, he is campaigning as an independent after the Tennessee Democrat executive committee voted to take him off the ballot for the primary election in August. 

Committee members cited DeBerry’s support of school vouchers and his pro-life votes as reasons for the ouster.