Bishop Urges Catholics to Exercise ‘Prudence’ When Voting

Moral theology often focuses on individual policy decisions and how they measure against Catholic teaching – but too little attention has been paid to how Catholics should navigate voting for specific candidates, said Bishop Robert McElroy of San Diego in a sweeping address ahead of the 2020 presidential election.

U.S. Bishops Release ‘Faithful Citizenship’ Videos Ahead of Elections

As the 2020 presidential race kicks into high gear – just two days after the Iowa caucuses and one day after the State of the Union – the U.S. bishops released a series of new videos aimed to help inform Catholics on the Church’s teachings ahead of a national election.

Catholic Iowa Democrats Weigh Choices

Sisters Elaine and Jeanie Hagerdorn, CHM, are real life “sister sisters,” — members of the Congregation of the Humility of Mary — who have been actively involved in every presidential election since 1960, when John F. Kennedy became the first Catholic in the country to be elected president.

2020 Foresight

“This is the most important election of our lifetime.” We hear that every four years. Sometimes, the phrase is even used to describe midterm elections. Obviously, not every election can be “the most important.”

Legalizing the Degradation of Women

It is hard to believe that in the State of New York our legislators introduced a bill this session to legalize prostitution. Unfortunately, the so-called progressive politics of today has one aim; to make individual rights override social norms and societal responsibilities.