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Tablet TALK 2014: The Year in Quotes

“I played 14 years for the New York Football Giants professionally, and never once was I asked to put my life on the line. You want to see a hero? Look for someone in uniform. Those are the true heroes.” — former NY Giant George Martin, on walking 3,003 miles in honor of the Sept. 11, 2001 rescue and recovery workers

“Politicians won’t change the world, mothers on their knees will.” — Marta Pope on coordinating the Mothers In Prayer Group, Queens

“People should know that Christians are dying everyday for their faith in Jesus Christ.” — Father Michael Perry on organizing a rally to raise awareness about the persecution of Middle East Christians

“Whatever I’ve accomplished is because of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. He has blessed me with good health beyond what anyone can wish for all these 39 years and these 74 years of my life. There’s a peacefulness that He has given me that now would be the time.”— Brooklyn-born NBA referee Dick Bavetta on his retirement after 39 years as an NBA official

“You are not finished growing in faith until you see God face-to-face.” — Sister Mary Ann Ambrose, C.S.J., during summer Bible Camp at Immaculate Heart of Mary, Windsor Terrace

“I know God is looking at me and saying, ‘That’s a good thing you’re doing in your life.’ I know I do a lot of things wrong, but this is one thing I know we’re all doing right.” — Sabina Rodriguez, eighth grader at St. Leo School, Corona, on volunteering in the school food pantry

“You are the front line. You are the face of Christ to the people who come to you.” — Auxiliary Bishop Paul Sanchez to representatives of parish food pantries

“As God’s creation, we exist for each other. To live with others and for others gives me true happiness and satisfaction.” — Sister Griselda Morales-Martinez, C.S.J., special U.N. representative

“Look at Ferguson and Staten Island. You can even look at Israel and Palestine. It’s all based on differences. I think that (love) is the only way to end the violence.” — Balfour Thompson Jr., 22, at an ecumenical prayer service for peace and reconciliation

“You have to know you are worth more than the world is telling you.” — Eliana Perez, keynote speaker, diocesan Youth and Young Adult Leadership Conference

“We have to ensure that the digital world can be an environment rich in humanity – a network not of wires but of people.” — Archbishop Claudio Maria Celli, keynoter, diocesan celebration of World Communications Day

“I knew he was good, but I never dreamed he would be as good as he was. When I entered, I gave him a glove. I said,‘If I give you a rosary, you won’t pray for me, but every time you use this glove, you have to say a prayer for me.’” — Sister Marguerite Torre, O.S.U., on recalling her brother’s playing days growing up prior to Joe Torre’s Hall of Fame induction this summer

“I will never forget the clubhouse that night. It was as if they didn’t want to go home. It was wild!” — Former New York Mets chaplain Father Daniel Murphy after Game 6 of the 1986 World Series

“This is powerful in every way – New York at its best, the Church at its best. It’s America at its best.” — Retired Cardinal Edward Egan on the newly renovated St. Joseph Co-Cathedral

“I was stunned. To this day, I get up in the morning and wonder, ‘Is this real?’” — Edward Scharfenberger on his son’s appointment as bishop of Albany

“Mayor de Blasio is way off base with his boycott of the parade. He preaches about a tale of two cities, and yet he is doing everything he can to perpetuate that myth by furthering divisions among people.” — Ed Wilkinson, Editor’s Space on the New York City St. Patrick’s Day Parade

“We’re doing God’s work here. … It’s not easy walking the walk on pro-life, especially in New York City.” — Cathy Donohoe, Bridge to Life

“I would like Bishop Ford [H.S.] to be remembered as a family. I would like everyone to remember the good times and all the good people that worked and studied at Bishop Ford.” — Jennifer Bove, junior

“I think we can’t take our sights off of immigration reform. … It’s not just enough to say ‘We’ll do it next year, we’ll do it two years from now.’ We need to act now.We are all in this together.” — Father Patrick Keating, CEO of Catholic Migration Services

“Being an immigrant is not easy, but with the help of God we keep moving forward; we keep surviving.” — Father Kyrian Echekwu, parochial vicar, Ascension, Elmhurst.

Bishop DiMarzio Speaks

“It is clear … that the presence of Christians in the Middle East has a dim future.Without major intervention, the Christians will not survive in their present conditions.”

“When we have an opportunity to weigh in on behalf of those who struggle … our Catholic consciences urge us to side with those who are most in need.”

“Race should not be the primary determining factor in the way in which we think and feel. …We can all hope for the day where … the only race we have allegiance to is the human race.”

“Passage of the medical use of marijuana does not bode well … anything we can do to encourage the avoidance of any kind of drug use … would be a real service to our country and especially our youth.”

“We are part of this revolution to spread the Good News. We have been given a great gift … a not-for-profit radio network [Relevant Radio] supported by listeners … right in time for the upcoming Synod of the Family.”

“Love and sacrifice are the essential elements that family life requires.”

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