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Standards for Entry to US

Dear Editor: When Ellis Island was the entry point of immigrants coming from Europe, my paternal grandfather left Poland and his family for a better life here in America. As he earned sufficient money as a laborer to bring his wife and daughter to our shores, my Aunt Stella was denied entry due to a health condition. She was told to reapply when her condition had improved.  She returned to Poland to live with relatives under Communist Rule, and never returned, except for visits with her siblings.

The immigration laws that were in effect at that time were enforced to ensure that no one entered the country with an infectious disease that could have negative health implications on the citizens of our country.

Now President Trump seeks to enforce a vetting process that would deny entry to those immigrants who, though not possessing any inherent, physical health hazard, carry with them a more imminent disease and danger: the actual intent of wanting to inflict physical harm on the people of our land.

Where is the fault in wanting to keep Americans safe?  And with regard to those illegals who have already violated our laws, why do they deserve the right to remain here in our land of the free, and enjoy the privileges of our society, when they have shown that they have no regard for the laws that govern that society?



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Dear Editor: In respect to the writer’s opinion and all readers: we need an unbiased and honest Press, not always an aggressive one!

The Press need to report an event, not place an editorial to each and every statement or occurrence. Give the public an opportunity to decide issues on its own; we are not all mindless followers.

As for Trump, let us give him the chance he deserves to accomplish what he won the presidency for in the first place. Many persons are obviously disenchanted with how our government has been run in the past, therefore voting his win.

As a first-generation immigrant, I have strong opinions on illegal immigration. Regardless of the reason one immigrates, the process should remain fair to all applying, and held to a legal standard, not a blind eye.

Yes, we are Catholics and believe that walls, especially those imaginary ones idealistically should never exist.
But should we not protect ourselves, our loved ones, our neighbors as well? There are both good, as well as bad who migrate; with a strong vetting process and legal documentation this country will grow in strength, loyalty and pride.

The illegal person abuses the system and depletes support programs. Sincere immigrants should declare themselves once in the country so that proper assistance can be offered to them to take clear steps in becoming a citizen.

Too much abuse has been placed on the systems to allow them to work properly, causing the programs to fail, and massive discontent on both citizens and sincere immigrants. There should never be “fear” if one legally migrates.

Strong steps to delay or ban those who are rapists, murderers, criminals of all forms should be placed. Priority should be placed on protecting all persons from criminal intervention whether they be a citizen or immigrant.

My family worked hard to come here. It was through Catholic Charities that they were assisted to stay here legally. My father joined the military. My mother was the one of three children who was allowed into the U.S. Back then, only one at a time was granted entry, yes, splitting up her family too. It is hard, and heartbreaking, but legal.
It seems odd that any society would approve illegal action of any kind.

Immigration should always remain accessible to any sincere person, but permitting anarchy in the process is not correct. Past government immigration was blind to much of the legal process.

Why minimize abhorrent policies indeed.




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