Catholic Schools Week 2017

St. Saviour High School

A Century of #PandaPride in Park Slope

Saint Saviour High School celebrates a huge milestone in 2017: 100 years of educating young women to be leaders! Saint Saviour is excited to welcome the Class of 2021 to Sixth Street this fall; they will be the 100th graduating class from Saint Saviour High School.

Honoring the Tradition

2017 is a more than just a special “year” and “anniversary” at Saint Saviour. It’s the Panda Pride that Saviourites feel when singing the alma mater.

It’s honoring the tradition of educating young women and making sure those young women go to college. It’s celebrating the successes of students who have gone on to be intelligent, energetic and caring women in their careers and in their communities. It’s the School Sisters of Notre Dame and many faculty members who did much more than just teach Saviourites through the years. It’s the feeling of pride when seeing a panda bear! It’s catching up with friends from school at a reunion, meeting them for dinner or checking out their photos on Facebook.

Women could not vote when the school opened in 1917, so 100 years as an all-girls school is a huge accomplishment!

Saint Saviour has spent years competing with bigger, single-sex and co-ed institutions and yet, the school is still turning out amazing women who are leaders!

As we prepare for the next 100 years, Saint Saviour High School will continue to offer 12 AP classes, five years of language study, college courses with St. John’s University and St. Joseph’s College, fantastic programs in religious studies, fine arts, music and digital initiatives plus a comprehensive college prep-program implemented through the guidance department.

At Saint Saviour, 100 percent of the students graduate, and many travel internationally each year with EF Tours and participate in one or more varsity/junior varsity sports.

Saint Saviour High School is where liberal arts, science, technology and fine arts come together. It is where students are educated in mind, heart and spirit. It is where young women find their voice, their confidence and their future.

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