Letters to the Editor

St. Patrick’s, Kent. Ave.

Dear Editor: We lived in St. Patrick’s parish (Kent Ave.) and were educated by the Sisters of Mercy and Franciscan Brothers. These two religious communities furnished us with a remarkable education, starting in elementary school right to high school.

The parish of St. Patrick was the center point of our neighborhood. We were blessed with the spiritual guidance and dear friendships of such holy priests, namely Father Jack Cullinane, Father William Rodgers and Father Ed Stedman.

How can we ever thank the great Sisters of Mercy who to this day we still remain active with and are very dear friends?

We are living in Queens now, but our hearts and roots will always remain in Brooklyn and St. Patrick’s.

It has been wonderful to have read a few letters by the Manago family in your Readers’ Forum. This lovely family lived and grew up in our parish and neighborhood.

Howard Beach