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St. John’s Prep HS Support Sisters of Life

Thirty students from St. John’s Prep H.S. volunteered their time to help the Sisters of Life, S.V., in Suffern, N.Y.  (Photos: St. John’s Prep H.S.)

More than 30 students from the Astoria high school, along with their religion teachers, volunteered to help the Sisters of Life, S.V., in Suffern, N.Y.

Sophomore Ethan Yanez from St. Francis of Assisi Church, Astoria, hangs out with Sister Mary Karen, S.V.

The sisters in their blue and white habits and their bright smiles worked alongside the St. John’s Prep volunteers as they scraped and painted bathrooms, cleaned rooms and worked on different clean-up jobs. The sisters were gracious and guided the volunteers in prayer and supplied lunch and snacks.

The Sisters of Life promote human dignity primarily by providing assistance to pregnant women. The volunteers left tired but were inspired by the sister’s mission and happy they were able to help.