Back to School 2017

St. Edmund Elementary School Empowering Students to Achieve Personal Success

The instructional program of St. Edmund Elementary School, Sheepshead Bay, is designed to develop in students the skills that will empower them to achieve success in high school, college and for their future careers.

The Science STEM Lab, along with the LabLearner instructional program, provides students from nursery to grade eight with hands-on learning experiences in biology, physics and chemistry while employing math, engineering and technology concepts.

This academic year, students on all grade levels will participate in weekly Genius Hour, working cooperatively and creatively on our school-wide interdisciplinary project entitled, “New York, New York.” They will explore historical, economic, cultural, demographic, religious, educational, environmental and architectural aspects of our great city. We are also excited to introduce the Performing Arts School Residency Program.

St. Edmund Elementary School shares a unique and collaborative relationship with St. Edmund Preparatory High School. Spanish instruction prepares students for a workplace that is now global in nature. Robotics, Junior High Aquinas Enrichment, band, choir and student council cultivate students’ technological, academic, creative and leadership talents and abilities.

St. Edmund Elementary offers an early arrival program at 7 a.m. and an after school program in session until 6 p.m. The after school program provides homework assistance. Students are also invited to participate in after school art club, math club, soccer clinic and junior robotics.

The distinctive architectural style of the school building, housing St. Edmund Church, creates a charming and peaceful environment that enhances the spirituality that is integral to all school programs and activities.

At St. Edmund Elementary School, the goal is to nurture each student’s spiritual, social, emotional and academic development in a caring and intellectually stimulating learning environment. Families are invited to join in the vibrant community that is St. Edmund Elementary School.