Spring Wedding Guide

Spring Wedding Guide 2019

And Two Shall Become One

Spring has sprung and love is in the air. Couples that became engaged over the last several months are starting to plan their forthcoming nuptials.

The Tablet’s Spring Wedding Guide is designed for all of the newly (and nearly) engaged, as well as their families and friends, to assist in the exciting journey ahead – not only ensuring the couple has a wonderful wedding day, but also preparing them for a lifetime of love and happiness in union with God.

To start you on the right track – practically and spiritually – this Wedding Planning Checklist can help.

Marriage preparation is the starting point for Catholic and interfaith couples exchanging vows in the Church. For more about Pre-Cana, see page 13A.

Regular conversations about finances are essential for healthy relationships. Page 4A addresses love and money.

Do your bridal and shower shopping at the Bay Terrace Shopping Center, 5A.

Getting married and buying a home are two big milestones in life. Map out your journey together towards home ownership with tips on page 7A.

Take a walk down memory lane with other couples from around the diocese who said ‘I do’ to everlasting love with the Wedding Photo Album on pages 9A, 10A, 11A, and 12A.

Engaged and newlywed couples will appreciate these books to guide them. Check them out on page 14A.

The perfect destination wedding is at Above and Nicotra’s Ballroom, page 15A.

One young couple shares how carrying their cross as disciples was one of their biggest takeaways during their journey towards the altar. See Page 8A.

Celebrating your special union doesn’t have to stop after the wedding, see page 6A.

The Vanderbilt at South Beach, picture perfect memories begin here, 17A.

For an exceptional wedding that will be spoken of for years to come , no other venue in New York compares to Giando on the Water, 20A.

After the wedding rings are exchanged, make sure you know how to protect your  new prized possessions on Page 18A.

Honeymoon travel tip: Bring your smartphone, see page 19A.

Couple’s program for newlyweds helps them build community, see page 16A.

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