Sports Round-Up Jan. 23

Blast from the Past

In February 1976, the St. Pascal, St. Albans, Catholic Youth Organization boys’ basketball team captured its fourth-straight sectional title in its age bracket. Aly Walters led all scorers with 16 points in the title game, with Dwayne Calinda and Joey Givan chipping in with 13 and 11 points, respectively.

(Photo: Courtesy Arthur Cox)

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Who Was Better: Willie, Mickey or the Duke?

It’s the age-old debate of New York City baseball of the 1950s:

Which local center fielder was the best: Willie Mays of the New York Giants, Mickey Mantle of the New York Yankees or Duke Snider of the Brooklyn Dodgers?

A strong case could be made for any of the three. Send in your thoughts and memories to The Tablet’s Reader’s Forum.

(Photo of Duke Snider: Courtesy Public Domain)

One thought on “Sports Round-Up Jan. 23

  1. In comparing the 1951-1957 seasons in which all three played in NYC, it noted that Mays spent 1.5 seasons in the military. Therefore, I compared their results per total at bats. Mays had 2899, Mantle had 3418 and Snider had 3902. Mays led in Slugging % (.593) , 3b (2.2), SB (4.2), TB (59.3), and least K (11.0), HBP (11 total) and SF (23 total). Mantle led in Runs (22.3), BA (.316) and BB (19.6) and most K (19.1). Snider led in 2b (6.6), RBI (19.9), SH (32) and IBB (96). Mays was ROY, 1 MVP and 3 times in top 10, WS championship, 4 All Star and 1 Golden Glove. Mantle had 2 MVP, 6 Allstars and the world championships. Snider had the 1 world series, t AllStars and in the MVP race 6 times in the top 10. Mays and Mantle played in larger ball parks in center field. Mantle played a lot of games in Boston, which is also small. Snider was 5 years older than Mays or Mantle, while Mantle and Snider never won a Golden Glove. Though I never saw them play in that era, Mays was the best fielder. I believe Snider was the best hitter and I point to the 32 sacrifice hits that he gave for the team while Mays had 1 and Mantle had 9. Snider also received between 26 and 39 more intentional walks. However, if one was to award another 200 games that he lost, his numbers at a longer age could have surpassed Snider’s average per at bat.