Boomers & Beyond - Fall 2016

Small Steps Today Can Improve Your Retirement Tomorrow

(StatePoint) While it is never too early or too late to prepare for retirement, today is always the right day to take action.

“Saving for retirement can seem overwhelming, but don’t wait to get started,” says Jamie Ohl, president, Retirement Plan Services, Lincoln Financial Group. “The sooner you start making contributions to a retirement account, the more opportunity you have to grow your savings.”

Unfortunately, only 19 percent of Americans say they are very prepared for retirement, according to the “2016 M.O.O.D. of America Survey” from Lincoln Financial Group. Learn some valuable steps you can take today to count yourself among the prepared.

  • Meet the match: 68 percent of Americans say trying to understand retirement plan options can be an overwhelming process, according to a recent Lincoln Financial study. If there is one principle to remember when mulling over your options, it’s to take advantage of a match if it is offered by your employer. Not doing so is leaving money on the table.
  • Increase contributions: Whenever there is an opportunity to put more into your retirement fund, take it. When you get a raise or a bonus, consider increasing your contribution. If you save money on other expenses, for example, canceling a cable subscription you don’t use, set aside a portion of the saved money for your retirement fund.
  • Meet with a professional advisor: The great majority of Americans – 95 percent – trust their financial advisors and 90 percent say their advisor helps them achieve financial security. Relying on their expertise can help position you for a more comfortable retirement.

Whether you plan to take it easy in retirement or travel the globe, you will need sufficient resources to have the retirement you envision. As you make plans to meet your short- and longer-term savings goals, remember that saving for retirement is important.

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