Boomers and Beyond – Fall 2016

The Tablet is pleased to present this guide for Baby Boomers in partnership with local providers of health care, travel and leisure, legal and financial services. We hope this guide helps your planning for a healthy, prosperous future.

Hank McManus: A Reverse Mortgage, Is It Really the Right Option For You?

You have seen the TV ads with celebrity spokesmen pitching the benefits of a reverse mortgage. Yes, actor Robert Wagner, the “Fonz,” and now Tom Selleck, are urging you to call for information. But did they give you their personal cell phone numbers? Just what is it? Is it really right for you? Who should you talk to?

Preventive Care Saves Lives

(StatePoint) Most Americans want to stay healthy and prevent disease and illness. For many, this means getting regular check-ups and using their health plan benefits. For others, it seems that ignorance is bliss.