Letters to the Editor

Sister’s Work Goes On

Dear Editor: Sister Jane Talbot, R.S.M., was hired by Father Dominic Cutrone at Our Lady of Grace parish, Gravesend, in 1983. It was probably one of his best choices. Sister Jane passed away in 2009.

She started the Pastoral Ministry Program. Currently, the volunteers distribute food daily to 6,000 to 7,000 families a year. On Wednesday, a group of 10 -14 volunteers cook from scratch and food is delivered to the homeless at Brighton 4th St.

She also started the Bereavement Group and the Widowed Support Group. She also started the Thrift Shop, which brings revenue to the parish. She and Father Cutrone used to visit parishioners who were ill or homebound. The Pastoral Ministry holds a yearly Mass for homebound parishioners every September. Thirty-eight volunteers work in the Ministry Office at various times of the week.

Because of Sister Jane’s dedicated efforts and the volunteers who served, and continue to serve, her office is still going strong. Everyone gives a little of their time, talent and treasure, and it all comes together under the guidance of one person: Director Annette Bonvino.

In Annette’s absence, Dr. Angelina De Rosa takes over the office duties. At the parish’s 80th anniversary celebration, Father Vincent Chirichella, pastor, presented Annette with the Sister Jane Talbot Award for her hard work and dedication.



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