Letters to the Editor

Sentiment Over Substance

Dear Editor: Two recent letters (March 3 and 12) reveal the sentiment over substance predisposition liberals unrelentingly use to avoid honest examinations of the deliberate anti-Christian origins and agenda of liberalism.

Mary Geraghty says we are challenged by God to love our fellow human beings and should work together. Sounds good, but since when have liberals ever expressed respect for the concerns of non-liberals or have agreed to work with them? Since when have they ever bothered to know what conservative ideas are independent of media distortions? What kind of thought avoids noticing that we don’t really have a free press in America? What systematic disinformation can cause someone to not know that conservatives dramatically outperform liberals in personal acts of charity or that every crisis pregnancy center in the world is serviced by pro-lifers and not one by pro-aborts? When has progressive mandated “unity” ever achieved anything but tyranny and mass murder?

Instead of ever cultivating moral doubt, liberals prefer the platitudinous logic that says, “We claim to care for the downtrodden, and you disagree with us.”

Doesn’t Obama’s continuous sarcasm prompt a desire for disassociation? Didn’t the monumental condescension of the abortion-supporting HHS mandate and its one-year deferment, so those pathetic religious simpletons can “get use to it,” encourage the slightest curiosity over the origins of such arrogance? Doesn’t Hillary Clinton saying religious beliefs must be changed to accommodate government’s abortion agenda inspire outrage?

Apparently not. Comments from A. Albanese would suggest that this Republican Congress, which has constitutional authority over the president, exercising their constitutional right to not confirm a Supreme Court nominee, a practice that Democrats have exercised dozens of times in the past century, are guilty of “arrogance.” The hundreds of horrible appointments at all levels of the judiciary made by Democrats doesn’t seem to dissuade some Catholics from tolerating yet another liberal appointment, who would likely exhibit liberal hostility to unchanging truths about our divinely endowed human condition while promulgating the governmental decadence that declares some lives not worthy of life.

Bad manners originating from one Republican candidate should not upset us more than numerous American jurists exercising their commitments to progressivist crimes against humanity.


Paul Kreig


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