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Self-Care Catholicism and Mindfulness

Dear Editor: I was very happy to see the feature entitled Self-Care Catholicism (Aug. 24). It is very important that we care for our whole selves – physically, spiritually, and mentally. However, it was a bit disappointing to see the topic of mindfulness addressed in the culturally accepted form which is Buddhist in nature and therefore not compatible with our Catholic faith.

For a thorough treatment on this topic, anyone may go on the blog portion on the Women of Grace website and go to the New Age index and read Sue Brinkmann’s explanation about the misrepresentation of mindfulness. Also, Sue Brinkmann has written A Catholic Guide to Mindfulness which explains why the philosophies of Buddhism and Catholicism do not mix.

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Editor’s note: The piece was divided into three sections written by different authors. “Mindfulness” is mentioned as a method to reduce stress in the “Mentallity” section.The “Spirituality” section was an interview with a Catholic priest.

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