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Rosary Request from India

Dear Editor: Hope this letter finds you healthy, happy and peaceful. These days are hard times with all of us worried and praying for the world and each other.

I hope you will be able to publish the following words in your paper. We are a community, 30 percent of us are well off and the rest are poor and half-educated. But they are pious people.

I kindly request your readers to send me their spare rosaries for the needy people over here. We will be keeping you in our prayers and holy Masses.


Kottiyam P.O.

Kollam 691 571

Kerala, India

2 thoughts on “Rosary Request from India

  1. Barbara Macurdy
    168 Oak Ridge Dr.
    Butler, PA 16002

    Dear Fr. Cruz,

    I belong to a ministry in Butler, Pennsylvania USA that make rosaries. We have been making rosaries for 10 years. We are a group of 50 women and men that make mission rosaries. St. Michael’s Rosary Makers have made over 78,000 rosaries and have sent them all over the world.

    We recently have seen an ad in our Pittsburgh Catholic newspaper that you are in need of rosaries. We would love to send some to you but your address seems to be a Post Office and we are unable to send to a P.O. If you have a church or other address where we could send them we will be happy to send you a box of our handmade mission rosaries.

    It is so very important to pray the rosary. The St. Michael Rosary makers are very devoted to our Blessed Mother. We want to spread her love and peace all over the world.

    I hope to hear from you soon so we can get the rosaries you need.

    To Jesus through Mary,

    The St. Michael Rosary Makers
    My e-mail is :


  2. Many years ago I sent help to Fr. Cruz’s school in the form of stationary, pencils etc. After awhile he gave my name to a family in need. This family, Wilson in Keral, , frequently asked me for financial help with severe needs : money for rent, money for water, school needs etc. Over the last 15 years I helped this family, which I believed and trusted due to Fr. Cruz recommendation, has actually scammed me. “Emergency” needs because of “homelaessness” illness, need to build a home via a gov’t. Program I find were all false. I was led to believe there were 3 girls in the family- false. I was asked for money to dig a well – false. They had city water.
    It became a get rich scam. My generosity was played and I feel betrayed. I sent thousands of dollars believing all these “emergencies”.
    Americans are looked at as suckers. I am disappointed in my fellow Catholics in India.