Letters to the Editor

Respect Goes Both Ways

Dear Editor: Letter writer Joseph Gunn (Feb. 15) wrote “Unite Behind the Winners,” an eloquent letter describing the results of the many elections he has observed over his long life. He pointed out that no matter the political party, Americans have always supported the winner. But this year he is disappointed that for the first time, some Democrats are not supportive of our new president.

I would like to point out that this year, also for the first time, our new president is not supportive of some Democrats. Every president that I can remember, starting with John F. Kennedy, made a concerted effort to reach out to all Americans, especially those who did not vote for them. Our new president has shown no regard for those who did not vote for him. From his inaugural address to his news conference to his numerous tweets, he has actually disparaged whole groups of Americans; he even calls some of our fellow citizens “enemies.”

I agree with Mr. Gunn that we need to support our president. But respect is a two-way street. Especially in this election year when millions more people voted against Trump than for him.

Values that all Catholics certainly believe in, decency, understanding and respect, might go a long way in healing our nation. But these values need to be shared by all citizens, including the president.