Letters to the Editor

Relevancy of Eucharist

Dear Editor: God is not dead but too often we treat him that way. It is unfortunate that the Eucharist, which our Catechism states is “the sum and summary of our faith” too often is being treated as less than that.

Vatican II did not diminish the importance of the Eucharist to the Catholic faith, but since the time of that Council, Mass attendance among Catholics has declined from approximately 50 percent to about 20 percent. If we wish to reverse that trend we must do a better job of conveying the message of the miracle of the Eucharist to those who do not find any relevancy in attending Mass.

In order to restore the relevancy of the Eucharist to its rightful place as “the Church’s entire spiritual wealth” its importance must be communicated as such. It must be the cornerstone of our evangelization efforts. Vatican II focused on many other important matters, and in the greater attention to those matters, the Eucharist too frequently lost top billing.

If the hierarchy of the Church, along with the clergy and faithful, can again raise the Eucharist to the importance it deserves, Mass attendance will increase.


Walnut Creek, Calif.