Our Youth

Reflections from the Daughters of the King

The youth ministry at Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary parish, Jamaica, runs a series for young women titled Daughters of the King. It aims to shed light on the themes of sexuality and the human body from the viewpoint of the Catholic Church.

“This program has helped me grow to love myself and Jesus! This is such a great program! I encourage all girls to attend. We live in a world where the real meaning of love has been destroyed. We are told lies about love, and in this program, you will find the true meaning of love.”

— Dalia Rosas, 17


“Daughters of the King was an amazing experience; it showed and told me how to live as a pure woman and how to respect my body. After learning and praying in Daughters of the King, I received a purity ring as a promise to God. This ring means to keep our promise to wait for marriage and remain pure until marriage!”

— Citlali Coyoy, 13


“The program has been amazing at helping me find out the true meaning of my identity as a woman, my stand in marriage, and it definitely got me closer to God. At the end of the program, I was able to see that my value as a woman was immense and that my virginity is something special that only my future husband should be allowed to have. With that, I was able to get my purity ring, something truly amazing! I continue to pray for my future husband and for my journey in living a chaste life.”

— Jackie Sinchi, 16


“I admire the Daughters of the King program; I’ve learned a lot about myself, and it has answered all of my questions about sex, love and marriage. I recommend this to all the teenage girls who are confused about relationships just like me.”

— Andrea Hernandez, 13


“The Daughters of the King program is amazing. I believe it is one of the best things a girl could attend during her teenage years. Girls, you can learn a lot about true love, how to grow closer to God, and you’ll make true friends here. All us girls in Daughters of the King have basically become family and we always love welcoming more sisters. So you should come take a look, get to know us and God more. Hope to see you soon.”

— Jamie Acuna, 17