Letters to the Editor

Reference to Gays

Dear Editor: Your movie reviewer includes these words, “…Disney’s ‘first gay character’ is a regrettable one and firmly at odds with Christian values… Given the clear intent to make a statement with this character in a film directed at children, the restrictive classification is a caution for viewers of faith, especially parents…”

In the same review are these words, “…a benign view of homosexual activity…” The second information should have cancelled out the first!

Since it didn’t, are there no Christian gays? No Christian gay children? There are indeed viewers of faith who welcome the gay population with open arms! Please. Enough already. Gay people have been with us since the beginning of time! They are now, like many groups before them, rightfully asking for their place in our society.

I was taught we were made in the likeness of God, and that God doesn’t make mistakes. That’s enough for this Catholic.