Letters to the Editor

Real Immigration Reform

Dear Editor: In response to Barbara Flynn and Mychal McNicholas, “Marching for Immigrants”(Jan. 27), I totally agree that we need to enact appropriate legislation dealing with “Dreamers” and other undocumented immigrants.

I fully support a path to citizenship for the 800,000 dreamers after:

  1. The wall has been funded and construction plans approved. Placing the money in a “trust fund” is unacceptable because this Congress or a future Congress will never appropriate the money. Wasn’t our Social Security supposed to be in a “locked box”?
  2. Chain migration is ended. I support the “dreamers.” The remaining 3 million people in the pipeline immediately go to the back of the line behind the people trying to get in the country legally.
  3. The immigration lottery is ended.
  4. E-verify is enforced. 40 percent of the people in the country illegally, are not “dreamers,” they are people who entered the country legally on temporary visas, and never went home. E-verify is the only way to find these people and send them home.

Let’s finally get meaningful immigration legislation passed which includes, first, securing our borders, before anyone here illegally can begin the process of becoming citizens of this great country.