Editor Emeritus - Ed Wilkinson

Readers Respond with Heartfelt Notes

The regulars are responding.
The Tablet’s Bright Christmas has such a wonderful following. It’s inspiring to receive checks each year from people who have been donating for years.
Like Diane DeBernardo of Windsor Terrace, who sent her contribution in loving memory of her parents, the late Celia and Jim DeBernardo.
Jim was a great fan of Christmas. Each year, he would dress as Santa Claus and distribute Christmas gifts to his grandchildren. The DeBernardo clan held an annual Christmas party at their home, and the centerpiece was a traditional presepio, which took up a good part of the basement apartment.
A sign of the times is that this year will be the first in many years that the DeBernardo presepio will not be on display. The reason – family members who were displaced by Hurricane Sandy are living in that space.
The DeBernardos clearly know the reason for the season: Care for one’s family always trumps the pleasures of the externals.
Meanwhile, donors continue sending in their checks, many of which have notes attached to them. Like the one sent by our friend Sam “Buddy” Repole of Sunset Park. He and his wife, Rosemary are yearly contributors. This year’s P.S. says, “Our contribution is a small token of what is needed, as many people have been given a reminder about what truly bad weather can do.”
Hurricane Sandy is a recurring theme of this year’s campaign. In addition to the pastors and diocesan leaders who make requests for Bright Christmas help, we also are sending special checks to parishes that have been affected by the vicious super storm. Our goal, as always, is that no child be denied a Bright Christmas for lack of a gift.
Margaret Acer writes, “I’m so glad you’re taking care of the Sandy victims!”
Dave and Cindy Mascone wrote this note: “Please give priority to those displaced from their homes due to Hurricane Sandy.”
Theresa Coccaro of Massapequa Park also adds, “Wishing you great success with the fund especially this year with the devastation ‘Sandy’ has left behind.”

Thinking of Others
And in the category of count your blessings came this note from the pastoral team at a parish that usually benefits from Bright Christmas: “We are so aware of the overwhelming needs of our sisters and brothers who have suffered tremendous losses because of the ravages of Hurricane Sandy, and so we ask that what may have been given to us be in turn directed to those less fortunate.”
Our program is very simple. I ask you for money. You send it to me. I then send it to where it will be used to buy presents for children at Christmas. The checks are going out now.
To participate, please make out your check to The Tablet’s Bright Christmas Fund and send it to The Tablet, 1712 Tenth Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y. 11215.